Thursday, 23 January 2014

The buried life project

My name is Taila Soltys and I'm 18 years old and I'm currently in grade 12. I never really thought about what I truly wanted to do before I die. I've always been scared to grow up and scared of the thought of all the responsibility that comes with being an adult. After highshchool I want to start doing my bucket list because as I look at it I realize there's a lot of things I would love to do that would take time and money. The one thing I would love to do is travel. I grew up in a family that never travel we've always stayed in Winnipeg expect one time when we went to Mexixo but it was a bad experience that I never want to share with anyone. I would like to travel with my own family and give them something that I didn't expiring with my family when I was a child. There's so much stuff that I would love to do and hopefully I can start checking them off and maybe adding to my list as I get older. I know I have properly 60 years to complete it but I think it would be amazing to travel and see the world before I die. 

1. Go to Disneyland 
2. Go shopping in New York 
3. Have my dream car
4. Have a fairy tale wedding 
5. Have 2 kids 
6.learn how to dance 
7. Start a collection 
8. Go on a boat 
9. Have leather pink high tops from Chanel
10. Be a role model for my kids 
11. Have a closet filled with clothes and shoes 
12. Go to Greece 
13. Go see the Eiffel Tower at night 
14. Adopt a puppy
15. Get my drivers licence 
16. See the northern lights somewhere other than Winnnipeg 
17. Go horse back riding
18. Visit Paul Walkers 
19. Go zip lining through a jungle 
20. Travel 
21. Live somewhere other than Winnipeg 
22. Volunteer at an animal shelter
23. Learn now to snowboard 
24. Learn another language 
25. Take pictures without being shy 
26. Start a YouTube Channel with my friends 
27. Lose weight
28. Take my mom on a shopping spree 
29. Go to LA and buy something from DASH
30. Go scuba diving 
31. Learn to play a sport 
32. Get a tattoo 
33. Go on a spa day with my mom 
34. Learn how to draw 
35. Buy a house 
36. Get a Michael Kors bag
37. Go camping for 2 weeks 
38. Meet the achievement hunter crew
39. Meet Pewdipie 
40. Meet the Walking Dead crew 
41. Dye my hair a really nice red 
42. Finish all of The Lord of the rings books 
43. Go on a road trip with my friends 
44. Live somewhere where it never snows 
45. Grow old with the person I love 
46. Live life to its fullest 
47. Go through a corn maze 
48. Go on a murder myster dinner
49. Swim with the dolphins 
50. Stay in a overwater bungalow in Bora Bora
51. Go kayaking 
52. Learn how to make drinks 
53. Ride a Segway
54. Go to Vegas to gamble and get wasted 
55. Drink a bottle of cristal
56 fly in a helicopter 
57. Drive a motorcycle   
58. Learn how to paint 
59. Go on a cruise 
60. Go to a sporting event 
61. Get my portrait taken 
62. Go skinning dipping 
63. Not be insecure 
64. Plant a tree 
65. Sit on a jury 
66. Stand under a waterfall 
67. Learn to not care what people think of me 
68. Sleep under the stars 
69. Get a bunny 
70. Help Paul Walkers charity 
71. Create my own tree house 
72. Have a paint fight 
73. Play twister with paint 
74. Live with no regrets 
75. Do a colour race 
76. Learn archery 
77. Ride a mechanical bull
78. Go to a Brazilian carnival 
79. Solve a Rubik's cube 
80 learn to stop porcastinating
81. Earn enough money without living pay check to pay check
82. Have a romantic date on a rooftop 
83. Live in a house by the water 
84. Get paid to travel 
85. Go to an WWE event 
86. Sleep in the back of a truck filled with blankets and pillows 
87. Let go of a floating lantern 
88. Go on a no budget snooping spree 
89. Die happy 
90. Attach a lock to the love bride in Paris 
91. Live to meet my grandlkids 
92. Go to Cuba 
93. Go biggie jumping 
94. Get a special camera to document my life now so I can look back with my kids and when I get old
95. Die knowing I've done everything I could and knowing everyone will be okay
96. Be debt free 
97. Have my future told 
98. Be a bridesmaid 
99. Take my mom on a vacation of her choice 
100. Win the lottery 

What Now 

I really want to do most of these things before I die but I know it cost money. I want to start working to hopefully start saving money so I can travel places or buy stuff with my own money. The one thing that keeps me from going on vacation is that I'm very scared of flying. I haven't accomplished anything on my list because i wanted to make a list where I have new stuff to accomplish and hopefully I can start checking things off soon.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Meeting the Grim Reaper on the Road

As I was taking a walk down the road as it was getting dark I saw something in the distance looking at me It was tall, black and was holding something in it's right hand. I wasn't worried at first because I thought I was just seeing things so I took a different path that was leading into the forest. As I was minding my own business letting my brain go wild with thoughts I saw the shadow like thing again so I changed my route hoping it would be gone but it was always there. As I kept walking I noticed that it was always there , watching me, studying every move that I took. I decided that I was going to keep walking but there it was again standing there so I just walked straight up to it comforting my fears but as I got closer I noticed it was real. The thing that I thought was just a shadow was acutally there standing in front of me but as it turned the person was very tall, boney and was holding a scythe in his right hand he was the Grim Reaper. Before I started running he said you're time is up but I ran as fast and I could. As I was running I kept looking behind me but nothing was there I was worried because every time I looked in different direction he was always there it was like he could telaport. As I was running I was looking behind me not paying attention to what was in front of me but as I was about to turn my head forwards I felt something very sharp going into my stomach it was the Grim Reapers scythe. The last words he said was it's time to die and he ripped the scythe out of my stomach and cut off my head and soon enough I was dead and was about to go to heaven 

Monday, 4 November 2013

Log book

This is my log book from the 28th till today I forgot to post them daily .... 

Friday, 18 October 2013

Fav. comedian

Kevin Hart is one of all time fav comedain. He is awesome and he makes me laugh until I cry